Resource Pack

Learn how to change your server's resource pack.

Resource Packs or "Texture Packs" are an interesting way to spice up your server. They add custom textures and "resources" to your server. They are automatically applied to those who join your server.

Go to Edit Server / Settings / Resource Pack

Paste the direct download link to your desired Resource Pack in the field. Save your changes, and restart your server to view the affects.

If you or a player can't see the resource pack then you might have them disabled via the Multiplayer menu. Click Edit Server on one of your Multiplayer servers. Once there you can change resource pack settings. You'll want to change this setting for both Minehut and your Minehut server.

Enabled - The resource pack will automatically be applied to players who join.

Prompt - Players will be prompted to apply the resource pack when joining.

Disabled - The resource pack will not be applied.