Upload World

Learn how to upload a world to your Minehut server.

Uploading worlds is a useful feature to have if you want to upload your SMP world or an Adventure Map. Learn two methods for uploading a world below.

The first method can be done while on your Minehut server. You'll need to upload your world to a file sharing site like MediaFire or file.io. Once you have a direct download link for your world, type /ul world <name> and your world will upload. You'll notice your world is prefixed with ul_ and that's nothing to be worried about. A restart may be required to view your world. To see all loaded worlds, type the /worlds command and then click on one to teleport. You can also use /world <name> instead.

The second method involves the Minehut Web Panel. Go to Edit Server / World

Once there, you can upload a world via the Upload World box. Click Select a Zip File

Select your world's zip file and wait patiently for it to upload. Avoid leaving the page to prevent any residual issues. You'll probably want to restart your server, although it may not be required.